/trip/ verb.
1. an act of going to a place and returning, a journey or excursion, especially for pleasure.

/veel/ adverb.
2. often or much; frequently

Reveal your next travel destination.


For meticulous cuisine surrounded by a luxurious ambience that has hosted Derby Champions and boxing legends alike, make your way to The English Grill—located in the historic Brown Hotel in Louisville.

Start your evening off like a boxing king with an Ali’s Smash cocktail.

Featuring Rittenhouse Rye, muddled mint, PAMA liquor and agave nectar.

An ideal way to kick off the fall season: Autumn Squash Salad.

A warm base of local roasted acorn squash rests upon fresh honey topped with farro, arugula, goat cheese, cranberries and pepitas.

Now for one of the main courses: Crispy Skin Duck.

A succulent duck breast on top of Kentucky native Weisenberger grits accompanied by charred Brussels sprouts glazed with Bourbon gastrique. An amazing combination of tender meat surrounded by a crisp and flavorful skin.

Last but not least the Prime Ribeye Delmonico.

A delicately cooked cut garnished with local mushrooms, fine herbs and bacon roasted fingerling potatoes with a tantalizing Bordelaise sauce.

Appropriately suiting any fall evening, we were presented a medley of homemade pumpkin ice cream scoops with fresh fruit and Chantilly cream.

In juxtaposition the tables were turned and the "Chocolate Striptease" was brought to the table. Undressing the decadent desert with our eyes revealed...

An espresso steam cake with milk chocolate mouse and salted caramel filled with Bacardi 151. Lit by fire, it teases your eyes as the milk chocolate starts to slowly melt creating a decadent puddle of chocolate to be enjoyed at every bite. The best part? No tipping required!

Always available by foot and Uber, but should you take the Bentley, complimentary valet parking is available.